Electriqueer Gendgineer
Snippet from a song I’m working on

This is essentially a snapshot of a page from ye olde writing notebook, so don’t take it as a whole piece.  Just thought I’d throw it out there and see the reaction.  I know I deal with these sorts of bullshit rationalizations on a daily basis.

But it’s not you, right? It’s everybody else

You gotta shift the bigotry away from yourself

”I’ve got an open mind, but that’s the real world

All you’re gonna find will get you hurt. 

You’ll see it was me who was helping you out
don’t doubt that if I gave you a hand
it would set a standard the world wouldn’t stand. 

So trust when I say that I do this do you,

’cause in the real world, dreams don’t come true”

But what you don’t see is *YOU ARE THE PROBLEM*

and things don’t get solved until we fuckin’ solve them

One less rotten step on the staircase

Elevates us all to a better place.


Yep.  Just that.  I could post more, I guess.  Sure as shit need to write more.

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